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On the back of an absolutely massive year, Nick & Alfie, better known these days as Dusky, took some time out  ahead of their debut Australian tour to speak with us on genres, labels and linking up with man like Loefah.

Whilst neither Nick nor Alfie have been to Australia before, they are familiar with its dance music scene.

Nick: “We’ve heard people know how to throw a good party here. It’s definitely got a good reputation in the UK as having up for it and knowledgeable crowds, and being a really fun place to tour”

Having released material that encompasses a wide range of sounds and elements of different genres, the pair are used to discussions around exactly what genre/s of music they produce.

Alfie: “I guess genres are probably a necessarily evil in a way, if we didn’t have them it’d be even harder to describe music than it already is! That said, both Progressive and House are really broad genres in a lot of ways so they’re not all that useful when applied to our music”

N: “We think of it (our sound) as a combination of different sounds, we’re heavily influenced by classic house and techno, but also by lots of music outside of dance music like soul, jazz and classical music” 

Formerly known as Solarity, the duo’s output fell more within the traditional ‘Progressive’ tag, however there was no one specific reason for the progression to the sound of Dusky.

A:” We were just following our musical interests at the time and we ended up with a very different sound to what we’d been doing before. We felt like it needed a new name to distinguish it from what had come before and Dusky was born”

But as to whether the Solarity alias has been completely taken over by Dusky remains to be seen.

N: “We’re not working on anything at the moment but maybe at some point in the future. We’ll see!”

One of the key moments for Dusky in 2011 was getting their music to Loefah, which came about through mutual connections.

A: “We’ve got some mutual friends who know him through music, we passed some tracks to him- via Nick’s brother actually, and he played them on his Rinse FM show that day. Amongst those were Calling Me and Muriel, which he then eventually signed to ‘School’.”

Previously being a strong fixture of the Ajunadeep stable, and now having released on Loefah’s School Records, the duo have strong views on the labels upon which their music is released.

N: “There are a lot of assumptions and pre-conceptions in terms of what people expect musically whenever we put a release out on a label, so it’s something we give a lot of consideration to.”

And as far as starting their own label?

A: “Yes, we’ve thought about it, we’d like to set one up at some point in the future.”

Having never toured Australia before, Nick and Alfie are looking forward to trying out some new material in their sets.

N:” There are lots of brand new tracks of ours that we’re looking forward to testing out, and apart from that a mixture of deep house, techno, and no doubt a few classics thrown in for good measure!”

And after such a big year, the boys have no plans of slowing down into 2013.

A: “We’ve got lots of dates around Europe and further afield – there’s hopefully a U.S. tour in a few months. Release-wise we’ve got a couple of releases nearly signed off that are due out around February/March time. We’re going to be working on a new album at some point too.”

Interview by William Backler

Be sure to catch the guys at AMBAR NIGHTCLUB, Thursday December 20 – tickets through Moshtix []