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Coki – Dont get it Twisted Vol.2

Coki untangles the dance with untouchable flair on two plates of sheer bass weight. Arguably, as much as many would hate to admit, Coki is

probably one of the most influential producers of a generation, and despite the relative lack of progression since that pivotal ‘Spongebob’ 12″, his is still the template for Dubstep the world over. So, what’s the grand architect saying here? It’s business as usual with the pillaging, mid-range rave ferocity of ‘Mid June Madness’ and ‘On Board’ for the A-sides, but flip ‘em and you’ll find his duttier, darker, weirder cuts like the gut-punching subs and midi-string symphonics of ‘Drop N Run’ and the razing darkside synth slasher ‘Light Years’ with its full-swing halfstep syncopation and odder, owl-like electro hoots. Proper badman package.