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Interview: ESKMO


Having just released the new Language EP, Los-Angeles based Brendan Angelides, better known as Eskmo, decided the time was right for his first tour of Australia and is eager to get immersed in its Electronic scene. 

“I honestly have no idea about the scene down here. I’m only familiar with Opiuo and Spoonbill because they are my friends. The only other band I know of is Tame Impala.”

Known for his love of found sounds, Brendan records almost everywhere he goes and Australia has been no exception, as he looks forward to capturing some unique sounds. 

“I’ve already recorded a bunch but only with my phone. The jungle has some amazing sounds. The process is usually very simple. I just get inspired by something and start recording. My recorder is small so it never feels like work, just adventurous.”

Language sees Brendan exploring some different sounds than past Eskmo releases, however his artistic process in its recording was largely unchanged. 

“It was the same for me in the sense of the intention. I always sit down to make honest music and it’s what happened to come about. It was all written in a new city / home for me so I’m sure that played a large role as well.” Other influences during recording included “Love, pain, ascension, the human body, the human mind, and sunshine.”

 The cover art of Language features Thoth, a highly important deity in ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, along with the merging of the sun and moon. However rather than Egyptian mythology influencing the music, Eskmo’s usual process led to the music influencing the cover art. 

“It was an aesthetic choice but more so the symbolism of it all. The idea of music being a language, the life and death, sun and moon incorporated into the piece as well. I usually work on the music first and the imagery of the music grows on its own after the fact.”

Language is Brendan’s first release on his own Ancestor imprint since the 2010 Eskamon collaboration with Amon Tobin. Whilst this collaboration is still active, there are no immediate plans for future releases. 

“We hope to get it out there, it’s just a very slow process with both of our schedules.”

And as far as dream collaborations go?

“I would love to work with Peter Gabriel and Tom Waits.”

For his debut Australian tour, fans can look forward to the full live Eskmo experience, which includes his love of found sounds.

“I run a 2 laptop set up: One running Ableton and the music and another running VDMX for the visuals. I’m controlling the visuals while I’m playing. I sing live and play lots of foley-style percussion throughout the show. Soda cans, paper, pipes, metal, water bottles; anything I can find really.”

And as far as his post-Australian tour plans go, they can’t get much closer than to the source of the Language cover art.

“I’m home for 2 weeks then off to play in front of the Giza Pyramids for December 21. After that we travel down the Nile visiting temples.”

Interview by: William Backler