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Barrett Richard occupies a unique corner of future bass music and has built himself quite a reputation under his most prominent moniker, Kastle. For those who love bass heavy and soulful sounds, Kastle’s music will be sure to entice you. We recently had a chat with Kastle and asked him a few questions about his latest music and his up and coming Australia tour this December.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself and the name ‘Kastle’.

A: Hello Next Hype! I am an artist living in San Francisco and I make soulful electronic dance music. I also own Symbols Recordings. I decided on the name Kastle because it is a very personal project. Castle’s are a very fortified, secluded, personal space. Out of any music project I’ve done this is the most personal so it made sense.

Since the last time you were in Australia, how has your production and sound changed?

A: I’m not sure actually… I would say my ideals have stayed the same at the core. My music will always adapt and change with the times but will remain soulful by its very nature.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to seeing whilst back in Australia?

A: I have some time off in Sydney so I’m very excited to explore that city more. Last time I was here I spent a week in Perth so it’s good to check out a new city. Definitely want to do some hiking and kayaking and adventure around a bit.

XLR8R describes your music as “…the kind of soulful, low-end-centred, forward-thinking dubstep tunes that could just as easily soundtrack a night out at the club as they could the lonely walk home afterwards.” Is this the vision you have in mind when in the studio?

A: I suppose so! I’ve always wanted to try and capture a blend between club music that is also home-listener friendly. Stuff that you can also listen to in the car, on your iPod or at an office job.

As you’ve been producing for nearly 15 years, do you find global music trends affect your musical direction?

A: They used to, for a majority of those production years. However for the past 3 years or so that I have been focusing solely on Kastle. I do my best to stay away from trends. I have nothing against them. Trends have always existed in music and it’s perfectly normal. However, I just made a decision to go in my own direction and carve out my own sound.

Explain how French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard has influenced you?

 A: I was just always reminded of that Jean-Luc Godard quote when people would ask me about sampling (“It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to.”)

When you sit down and start working on a new track, do you have a specific routine you go about or do your thoughts and ideas flow freely?

Sampling has been a big part of my music for many years. I’d say most tracks begin with sound/synth design. Once I’ve created the sounds, then I set up a short percussion loop and I’ll just spend a day recording synth leads and melodies. Many of them never making the final cut. I have so many unfinished ideas…

What are the plans for Kastle in 2013?

I am halfway through my debut album which will release in 2013. I will also do a live show after the album and play all the keys live. We also have some really amazing releases lined up for early 2013 on Symbols Recordings. Lots of great music to present!