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Mala in Cuba

Words from the man himself, Mala…

Finally!! I’ve waited all year for this. The album ships today. For the first time ever I have uploaded the album in full if you want to listen. (Audio quality isn’t the best, obviously mp3). Make sure you got headphone or speakers and that sub connected! lol.

 I’d like to thank all the Musicians, Havana Cultura, Brownswood, BeatInk (Japan) S.T Holdings (Keeping distribution tight as always!), Tailored Communication (EU), Backspin (usa). Despite my usual lack of promo with releases this has been totally different for me! So I also want to say thanks to all the press, radio and stores that have showed love and support for this project. I really do appreciate it.

Feel free to share this link and enjoy the weekend.

Peace and One Love