Next Hype


“You are now locked into the sound of the new generation, we’re going to do this our way, ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU READY?”

For years now, critics have been pontificating about and lamenting the “death of grime.” To some extent, they have a point; grime’s mainstream buzz has all but died out, attentions have turned toward other UK genres, and scene stalwarts like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley (for the most part) have shifted gears and started crafting more radio-friendly ventures. That said, while commercial grime has been undergoing a sort of identity crisis, a new generation of badmen has been bubbling in the underground. Royal-T (a.k.a. Mark Taylor) has made a name for himself as one of this movement’s rising stars, and now, he’s releasing his debut full-length.


This… is the first track from the album “Cruel to be Kind” featuring the un-mistakable voice of P.Money!

It’s a new generation of Grime, can we look forward to a resurgence the world over?