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Courtesty of Rinse Fm… 

T.Williams sits near the forefront of a group of producers twisting elements of grime and funky into a rough-edged strain of UK house.

His Rinse:21 mix, takes the form of an hour long, club-centred set. It begins slow and soulful, before slowly escalating through several different phases. A feeling of acceleration characterises the mix’s first third, before Williams sinks into shimmering, loop-driven peaktime house for its middle section. It’s around this point that the presence of grime – the genre that T.Williams first made his name in – begins to make itself felt.

Grime and funky are reprised during the mix’s final third — a potent reminder of the pressure that still lurks behind the often smoother surfaces of Williams’ peaktime selection. A series of ruff- neck grime/house hybrids follow, bringing the mix to a close in an exhilarating and playful blur of aggression and synthetic texture — and in doing so, hark neatly backward to Williams’ own roots, and those of Rinse itself.

Catch T.Williams on Rinse FM, every Sunday 1700-1900.

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