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Richly textured rhythmic percussion encapsulates your ears, your body and mind move TOGETHER…. when Ann Arbor resident SHIGETO takes over the BAKERY the club moves as one.

Seriously though…SHIGETO commands the club like a grand wizard, a truly mezmorizing experience of untouchable artistic talent. Words are wasted on this guy, he really is just that good.

For the first time ever – NEXT HYPE & DIE HIGH team up to bring you a night of musical goodness that will make you question why your parent’s never pushed hard enough for you to play an instrument as a child. Supported by some of Perth’s finest electronic producers in Sable, Leon Osborn & MhhMmm this is one un-missable show!

CHECK IT OUT: The Wizard in action…

Next Hype & Die High present…. SHIGETO (US)
The Bakery / Friday November 15th
Support from Sable, Leon Osborne & MhhMmm
Tickets from
Limited Early tickets available from Tuesday 29th October
General Pre-sale available soon after.